Friday, October 17, 2008

New @ Our Facebook Page | Oct 17

We want you to know about productions featuring our fellow friends and artists. So, we'll be posting notes on our page. You might see a familiar name on there, so get ready to share with your friends via your Facebook profile!

If you go out and see one of the productions, post a comment about the show!

We've also added the MeetingWave app to our page. Why? Well, we're keeping that a secret for now. We'll send an update and post here when we launch our devious scheme.

Have a great weekend

- The Ignite Team

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Connections Project

Ignite is excited about a new experiment called the Connections Project. We're going to discuss theatre with pen pal artists across the country. And it's all going to be posted on our blog (Exit Stage Left...No, Your Left)


Wed Oct 15 Adam Melberth, a Chicago actor and writer, responded to a question posted by Michael Tobias.

Fri Oct 17 Michael posts a response to Adam's answer.

Tues Oct 21 Bloo Rodriguez posts a question to Tashina Richardson, the co-artistic director of the Chicago theatre company Blank Line Collective.

Thurs Oct 23 Tashina responds to Bloo's question.

RSS (Exit Stage Left...No, Your Left) to stay on top of updates.
Learn more about this project by jumping to our BLOG.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ignite Announces New Season!

Hey, everyone!

I'm proud to announce a very cool season for Ignite Theatre Company. We've chosen to be ambitious this year. Artistic Director Sam Alexander will be directing Stephen Gregg's hilarious play This is a Test. It's like that one time you studied all night and then the next day your mind goes blank. Matt Cook, our Associate Artistic Director, will be bringing a very relevant piece called Moonchildren. It's a hilarious-but-poignant play about student advocates in the Vietnam Era.

On top of those plays, we have 3 exciting original projects in the works. Everything's still in development. So, RSS this blog for updates.

Bloo Rodriguez is going to start developing artistic pieces that explore beyond our normal idea of theatre. These projects will be unique and certainly awesome.

And one more exciting note: we're going to continue making vlogs and continue writing blog posts. Our blog has reached over 600 monthly readers (from 47 countries.) We're writing about theatre, and people are learning and sharing knowledge.

Ignite is continuing the good fight against bland theatre. I hope you can join us for one of these exciting plays.


Michael Tobias, Exec Director

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ignite's Ticketing Policy (Subject to Change)

Ignite Theatre Company
Ticketing Policy

I. Prices. All prices shall be displayed on the website, box office, and on the ticket. Ignite Theatre Company reserves the right to substitute a program for a ticket. In that case, the program will display the price.

The managing director shall set all prices. They are subject to change between productions, but not between performances unless there is an extension to the production schedule. Tickets purchased in advance shall be honored at their original value should the price change.

Promotions affecting price will only apply to tickets purchased during the promotional period, as defined in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

Compensated tickets have no monetary value, and are not to be resold or redistributed in any manner.

II. Refunds. Ignite will only give refunds under specific conditions and circumstances:
a) Cancellation. In the case of a performance’s cancellation all tickets will be refunded at the value as reflected on the purchaser’s receipt.
b) Subscription. Season subscribers can request a refund on any single performance or the entire season purchase under the terms and conditions of their season subscription. Refund requests must be at least 72 in advance. Otherwise we will only refund half of the each purchased ticket’s value as reflected on the purchaser’s receipt.
c) Late Seating. See our Late Seating policy below (V).

Any other condition or circumstance will not guarantee a refund. Any concerns, questions, or requests can be directed to the managing director or executive director.

III. Exchanges. Ignite Theatre Company will only grant exchanges to season subscribers at least 72 hours in advance. Otherwise no exchanges will be granted to patrons to protect ticket quality and seating privileges.

IV. Lost or Stolen Tickets. In the case of a lost ticket bring a photo I.D. and receipt to our box office. Admission will be granted. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be refunded. If a ticket is stolen, report the stolen ticket to our Managing Director.

Lost and stolen tickets will have no monetary value, and are not to be resold or redistributed in any manner.

V. Late Seating Policy. All patrons are welcomed to arrive 30 minutes before a performance. If a patron is late, seating will be granted at the discretion of the house manager. We will protect other patron’s experience, and thus we cannot guarantee a late patron’s seating assignment. The house manager may grant late patrons the original seating assignment at intermission.

VI. Purchasing. Tickets can be purchased at the box office, up to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of each show. Patrons can purchase season subscriptions by contacting the Managing Director via email at

Group Sale Discounts can help educators or large groups experience our richly entertaining plays. Groups of 10+ are eligible for a discount. Contact the managing director for more details.

VII. Payment. Cash and checks are accepted at Ignite Theatre Company. At this time, there is no penalty for returned checks. In the case of a returned check, the patron must still pay the gross total of any transaction related to the returned check.

Ignite Theatre Company’s treasurer will post all checks on the first business day following a weekend of performances, not to exceed 7 business days, at our bank Wells Fargo. In the case of our failure to post a check, as stated in this policy, please contact the managing director or executive director.

VIII. Souvenirs. Ignite Theatre Company encourages all patrons to cherish their tickets after a performance. Patrons may scrapbook tickets or keep them in a tin box. Patrons can also creatively use tickets to create origami or ticket mosaics. In the case of bad theatre, patrons are encouraged to tear up tickets and discard in a trashcan (or recycling bin).

In any case, we hope to bring you something different and exciting. You may not qualify for a refund, but you can always voice your praise or criticism through Ignite 2.0. For more details on Ignite 2.0 visit

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ignite has a Vlog!

Ignite Theatre Company just launched its new vlog! Come meet the people that will guide you through our experiences in experimental theatre! You can RSS the vlog, to catch the latest updates!